30 Examples Of Horribly-Designed Stairs

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Have you at any point stumbled while going up or down steps and thought, “Ugh, that wasn’t my issue! That was the shortcoming of whoever terribly planned these steps!” Presumably not right? Essentially when I fall going up or down steps, I realize the main clarification is my awkwardness. That is on the grounds that planning steps requires an elevated degree of accuracy and capacity, yet there are some way or another individuals out there sufficiently valiant to plan steps when they obviously have no clue about the thing they’re doing. We’ve accumulated a portion of the web’s most terrible step configuration bombs down beneath for you to wonder about (and remember your good fortune in the event that you live on the primary floor of your structure).

This Fancy Staircase Leads Directly Into A Wall

Just When You Thought You Were Reaching 1 Kcal

What Was The Point Of This Again

Finnish Architecture

Stairs In The Basement Of A Princeton University Dorm

Why Use A Ladder Just Take The Stairs

Thank You So Much For Making This Handicap Ramp, I Am So Glad This Building Is Wheelchair Accessible

Found This On My College Campus. The Walkway/Stairs Above Are Still Open Too

A Friend Of Mine, In The Picture, Designed And Built These Stairs. Beautiful, But Frightening When You’re Going Down The Stairs

This Staircase I Have To Go Up And Down At Work Everyday. No, That’s Not Forced Perspective. It Really Is That Steep

 Lovely Chicago Apartment Bathroom

Stairs To More Stairs

I Have No Idea What Floor I’m On

I’ve Tripped In The Kitchen But Never On My Way To The Kitchen

Just In Case You Fall In The Wall

Why This Place So Empty

To Make The City More Inclusive

May I Present To You: The Weird Stairs At My House (I Never Actually Realized How Weird This Are Since I Lived With Them All My Life)

This Stairway Has A Surprise Step

My University Has A Stair Case To Classroom 9 And 3/4

This Staircase

These Super Visible Stairs

If Boss Says To Build Stairs, I Build Stairs

Somewhere In Australia, Maybe

Infamous House In My Hometown. Yes, Those Are Stairs In Front Of The Garage

Walked Up This, Then Had To Turn Around Because Of These Useless Railings

This Is So Going To Make People Break Their Bones

Disabled Friendly

Architectural Masterpiece

Got Funky While Building My First Staircase