35 Reasons “You Ought to Have Recruited An Architect” Shared By This Facebook Page

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Human innovativeness exceeds all rational limitations, however that doesn’t mean each thought that enters our thoughts deserve execution. Indeed, it’s difficult to reject that taste involves inclination — what is jazzy to one individual might look totally threatening to another! Yet, with regards to homes and insides, there are some quite horrible plan arrangements out there that are not simply requesting to be judged, they are nearly asking for it.

Indeed, we’re unquestionably not ones to miss a chance to make fun of bland choices and, ideally, discover some new information en route. So let us acquaint you with the suitably named ‘You Ought to Have Recruited An Architect’ Facebook bunch. Individuals from this community set out determined to exhibit architectural blemishes that demonstrate certain individuals ought to leave developing houses starting from the earliest stage the professionals.


This Bathroom Ain’t It

You’ll Get To Know Your Neighbors!

Upon First Glance I Honestly Thought This Was A Bunch Of Microwaves On Someone’s Lawn. Scout’s Honor

 This House Definitely Has A Mustache

Logical Explanations: Go!

Project Budgets Go About This Far These Days

long Live The Queen

DIY Tip: Get This Lovely Faux Finish Easily By Storing Dead Bodies In Your Attic

When You Just Have To Have A Pool

A Listing I Saw


It’s Been A Looooong Time Since I’ve Seen A Terrible Idea This Compelling. A+ Work

I’m Hoping This Isn’t The Finished Condition, But Unfortunately It Probably Is

Fits Like A Glove

Osb Cabinets, Or “When Someone Decides The Inside Should Be The Outside”

I Like Bricks!

‘Architect’ Designed Home From 1960 Comes With This Wtf Kitchen And Just Sold For $500k In Suburban Chicago! I’d Constantly Be Worried That Dishes Would Come Crashing Out Of Those Cabinets

Put A Plant On It. The Default Response To Awkward Spaces

Just… Why

This Is Not A Solid Floor: These Are Steps

Perfect For A Hairdryer


The Light Seems A Bit Out Of Scale


Tiny Houses

 I’d Hate To Have That Seat During A Game

That 70s Bathroom

I’m Just Gonna Set This Right Here

Expert-Level Disabled Ramp Of The Week

I’ll Just Leave This Right Here

If Cocaine Was A Dining Room

Seen On Twitter Just Now. He Said He Is Still Proud Of Himself For Installing

All This Bathroom Needs Is A Troupe Of Synchronized Swimmers Emerging From The Tub, En Masse, As If From A Tiny Clown Car

Client: I Need Daylight In This Room, But Need To Stay On Budget! Builder: Say No More