35 Times Individuals Took Their Dogs To The Groomers And Needed To Take a second look -Surprised When They Got Back

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We as a whole know the pressure of going to get an exceptional hair style. A high prize cut requires facing high challenges. In any case, imagine a scenario in which the beautician removes an excessive lot. Imagine a scenario where they confound your vision and give you a mullet. Imagine a scenario where the stylish sway you requested turns out to be a bowl cut. What’s surprisingly more terrible than the pre-hair style tension is the premonition leaving the salon realizing you’re left with an unsalvageable hair styling for the following couple of months.

As individuals, we get the opportunity to make some noise when a hair style begins turning out badly, however our pets don’t have a similar extravagance.

My Mom Just Ruined My Dog And She Literally Said “He Wanted To Keep It Long On The Top” I Am Devastated

I Got My Girl Groomed. This Is Not What I Was Expecting. I Can’t Stop Laughing

The Groomer Has My Dog Looking Like He Has A Disease

My Dad Is Shaving My Dog But He Took A Break At Her Head. Business Up Front, Party In The Back

What Have They Done To Me

My Boyfriend Wanted To Cut My Cat’s Hair For Once And Totally Failed. It’s So Sad But A Little Funny At The Same Time

Mom Thought It Would Be A Good Idea To Cut Our Pony’s Hair Cause It Couldn’t See

Mistakes Were Made

Took My Dog To Get Groomed (Trim And Undercoat Brushed Out) And The People Decided To Shave Him

She Looks Wonderful

Yesterday I Was A King, Today I Am A Rat

Probably The Last Time I’ll Be Allowed To Give My Dog A Haircut

Fluffy Corgi When The Groomer Shaved Her By Mistake

Had My Cat Shaved

The Groomer Told Me Not To Laugh At Him. I’ve Failed

My Significant Other Owns A Dog Grooming Facility And This Guy Came In Today. Meet Freddy Fender

Wait Until The Professionals Are Back

Vet Recommended Haircut

I’m Not Fat It’s The Way I’m Sitting”

My Friend’s Husky After The 3rd Time She Had To Be Shaved Down For A Tick. She Refuses To Take The Vet’s Treats Now

I Asked For The Can I Speak To Your Manager Haircut. I Almost Peed Myself

This Cat Fully Shaved… Except For Its Face

Y’all. This Is My Cousin’s Dog Henry, Who Was Given A Mohawk Haircut From Groomer. We Have Been Laughing For 2 Days

Gave Him A Shave

Had To Have The Vet Shave My Cat To Treat A Skin Issue, And He Looked So Fake No One Believed These Photos Were Real

What Happened

I Asked The Groomer To Cut Her Paw Fur Shorter This Time

Give My Dog A Slinky Look

This Dog Looks Like It Is Wearing A Mask

Just Shaved My Newfoundland. Look At His New Hair Style. What A Dude

A Lady Posted This On A “DIY Doodle Grooming” FB Page And Said They Think They Messed Up And I Cannot Stop Laughing

I Picked My Dog Up From The Groomer’s And Burst Out Laughing. The Groomer Apparently Didn’t Understand My Request Very Well And Gave Him This Monstrosity Haircut

I Feel Like My Dog Looks Way Too Cute. Barber – I Got Chu Fam

Yeah I Don’t Think He Likes The Haircut

Work Cats Got A Close Crop For The Summer And Now They Look Like They’re In A Community Theater Production Of “Cats”

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