4 Amazing Benefits Of Dark Chocolate For Your Skin

Did you know that dark chocolate can actually help your skin? Yes! This amazing treatment boasts numerous health advantages that extend far beyond taste buds alone. Packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals – including significant levels of anti-aging nutrients such as polyphenols – it can provide powerful protection from premature aging and damage while being relatively high in sugar content. Research has proven this fact; in this blog post we’ll explain why and how eating small amounts regularly of dark chocolate could benefit your skincare regime at home.

1) Dark Chocolate For Soft And Glowing Skin

An oft overlooked yet cardinal component for maintaining an epidermis of vitality is imbibing adequate aqua. Epidermal tissues bereft of necessary humidity are predisposed to manifesting dermatological afflictions akin to keratin aggregations, cutaneous hyperchromia and rhytides in excess of epidermal tissues satiated with crucial internal irrigation. The confectionery derived from the seeds of the cacao tree has an antiquity of acclamation as a innate methodology of supplementing our corporeal forms with indispensable sapidity; ebony chocolate can just accomplish that, abandoning our facial integuments emerging more juvenile, mollified and sleek!

Though commonly found within confectioneries and baked goods, the essence of the cocoa bean possesses properties beneficial for one’s dermis. When appropriated measured quantities, the crushed cocoa solids and cocoa fats can reinvigorate and replenish the largest organ, finding itself an ingredient in face masks and ointments alike. However, as with many pleasures, moderation remains key; an excess of the sweet treat risks compromising wellness.

2) Rich In Antioxidants For Healthy Skin

These deliciously delectable morsels of cocoa solids amalgamated with sucrose serve as an ample reservoir of those molecular miscreants which thwart the machinations of oxidization, notably the flavonoid and phenolic acid species wielding restorative powers upon our dermis. These diminutive crusaders campaign against the ravages of senescence whilst erecting barricades against the deleterious effects of solar bombardment upon our flesh. If your epidermis is particularly prone to inflammation or you harbor concerns regarding the irritation from pruritis, perhaps gentler alternatives such as ascorbic acid or tocopherol may prove preferable.

The allure of youth remains eternal, as such, products promising to temper the march of time find fervent interest. Options touting gentler formulas delivering sought-after outcomes for one’s dermis abound. If thwarting the aging process ranks foremost among your priorities, antioxidants boast greater potency – perhaps resveratrol, quercetin or anthocyanin would prove superior. Could confections of cocoa truly curb indicators heralding advancing years? Indeed, their consumption may hamper hastening change, enabling preservation of a more juvenile visage as days drift into weeks and months flee into years. Alas, expect no immediate transformation but rather steady maintenance of a youthful facade.

3) Boost Your Complexion With Cocoa Powder

A plethora of nutrients, borne from the pulverization of cocoa beans, constitute an opulent origin of antioxidants, magnesium, iron and copper- indispensable minerals acting in concert to champion skin suppleness, replenishment, even attenuate hyperpigmentation. Multifarious individuals alternatively gravitate towards baking soda as an affordable and congenital facial scrub surrogate; baking soda’s abrasive attributes sanction it to extirpate deceased cells whilst concurrently evacuating blackheads from follicles.

That natural palliative, cocoa powder, proffers an unparalleled alternative. Whilst the acidic and coarse nature of baking soda can ravage one’s fragile dermis, cocoa powder gently caresses the skin. As hitherto elucidated, cocoa powder functions as an optimal constituent in facial covers, however, one could also concoct their own homemade exfoliant by amalgamating a teaspoon of cocoa powder and a teaspoon of honey until a viscous amalgam coalesces which could then be smeared straight onto your visage for approximately five minutes prior to rinsing off with tepid water and reiterating this stride if requisite.

4) Dark Chocolate For Dry And Damaged Skin

Dark chocolate can be an ideal solution if your skin is extremely dry and damaged. Cocoa can be added to your skincare regimen in several ways for dry skin conditions – drinking dark chocolate milk (a mixture of milk and dark chocolate), eating bars of dark chocolate or adding cocoa powder as part of a face mask routine, eating solid pieces of dark chocolate as a treat, cocoa butter is often an ingredient used in commercial products and can treat both dry and damaged skin conditions effectively.


Dark chocolate can be an amazing source of antioxidants and essential nutrients, as well as being delicious! Just remember to enjoy in moderation to reap its full benefits for both your skin and tastebuds!