40 “Not My Work” Minutes Where Individuals Did Indisputably the Absolute minimum

At work, a great many people are not hoping to blow away their sets of expectations with practically no motivators. We achieve the essential errands, and in the event that there is an opportunity for expanded pay or an advancement, we may be persuaded to exceed everyone’s expectations. However, to moderate energy and hold ourselves back from being shaken with pressure, we acknowledge that we can’t all be “representative of the year”. There is a major contrast, be that as it may, between being a decent worker and doing indisputably the absolute minimum at whatever point you can pull off it. To pay tribute to the world’s laziest laborers, the “Not My Work” subreddit was conceived.

They Will Never Know The Difference

Painted The Shelves, Boss

Made The Title For The Ad Boss

Wrote The Fish Finger Copy, Boss

Lmao Dont Do White On White

Put The Signs On The Fuel Pumps, Boss!

Made The New York Tribute Poster For Our Restaurant, Boss

How They Spend $407k From Our Taxes

My GF Mopped The Floor

Painting Over A Roach

Installed The Radiator Boss

Yeah It’s A Bit Off

Redesigned Our Website Boss

Made The Menu Boss

Ready For The Enw Yrea

Putting A Table Together And These Are The Only Instructions That Came With It

Amazon Rejects You Before You Even Apply

Finished Painting The Road, Boss


Installed The Slabs, Boss

Saw This At The Arcade, Quite Innovative Tbh

Cleaned Our Side Of The Building Boss

Sorted Out The Emergency Phone Boss

Translation Complete, Boss

Got The Actors Boss!

Edited The Picture, Boss

A New Hobby? Alright

laced The Sticker Boss

Wrote The News Boss

Finished Editing The News Reel Boss

There, That Should Do It

What’s That Gonna Taste Like


Just Told The Whole City No Crime Boss!

I’ve Put Up The Product Name Boss

Tbh This One’s Kinda Impressive

The Clock In My School’s Band Practice Room

Get Paid For Painting Not Moving Plants


Installed The Light Switch, Boss

Completed The Road Marking Boss


Wheelchairs Having Some Fun

Screens Up Boss