40 Of The Most Fascinating And Surprising Collections Individuals Have

Assuming there is one thing we people love doing, it’s collecting. Coins, shells, stamps, baseball cards, classic fine art — and so on, we crowd it. Certain individuals consider it to be a leisure activity, while others fabricate rooms or make unique spots in their homes to feature their interest with collecting objects they’re keen on. Be that as it may, there’s an entirely separate classification of individuals who embrace the test of tracking down the most extraordinary and most phenomenal things from each side of the world.

I Want To Share My Nintendo Gaming Cabinet With You All

All The Shark Teeth My Grandma Found When She Was Younger That I Now Own

I’ve Been Thrifting Vintage Pyrex For The Last 10 Years. 95% Of My Collection Was $10 And Under

Started Collecting 1oz Bars Of Pure Metals: Aluminum, Titanium, Copper, Nickel, Silver, Gold

My Pen Collection 2021

My 20+ Year Collection Of Art Deco And Commemorative Cameras. Mostly Between 1930 And 1950

My Grandfather Next To His LEGO Collection He Did During The Pandemic

I Collect Old Drinking Glasses And Came Across This Beautiful Cabinet Last Week At Salvation Army. It’s Perfect

Any Love Here For Retro Collections

My Grandma’s Collection Of 544 Different Cookie Cutters That She Has Been Expanding For 50+ Years

I Have Autism And Have Very Weird Interests. One Of My Favorite Hobbies Is Collecting Old Security Alarms

My Little Collection Of LEGO Flowers

I Kept All Of My Old Cell Phones Throughout The Years. Decided To Display Them For Some Reason

Some Dice Appreciation After Reorganizing My Collection. I Only Want More

My Uncle Just Showed Me His Old School Star Wars Collection

Found This Vintage Powder Pigment Collection At A Thrift Store. Something About Tiny Glass Vials Are So Satisfying

I Found A Bunch Of Rocks On A Beach And Organized Them By Color

My Sister Is Collecting Banana Stickers

Here Is My Guitar/Bass Collection

Every $1 Bill I’ve Collected From Tips Over 2 Years

7 Years Worth Of Bugs. Should Be Full By 2030. Will Update

My Fiancée Took Me To IKEA So I Would Have A Place To Display My Collection

My Completely Obsolete DVD Collection

My Aunt’s Perfume Collection

A Few Shark Teeth I Found While Diving In A River

My Grandparents Had The Full Coke Bottle Collection From Different Years

My Dad Kept All Glasses He’s Ever Worn Since 1964

I Have Been Keeping A Collection Of The Tiny Balls In Pen Ink Cartridges Since Middle School

Back In ‘99 I Told My Mom We Couldn’t Throw These Away. She Still Has Them 23 Years Later

My Dad’s Salt And Pepper Shaker Collection

One Cup Of Sand From Every Beach And Desert I Visited Over The Past 3 Years

I Am Nearly 14 Years Old, And Have Been Collecting Succulents And Houseplants For Nearly 3 Years. Here Are My Succulents

Bentley Likes To Hide His Toy Mice Under One Specific Sofa. Here He Is With The 13 I Pulled Out Today

My Grandma Kept And Framed Her Valentine’s Cards She Got In Second Grade, Around 1924

Here Is My Vinyl Record Collection

Weird Christmas Tradition: Parents Buy Me These Bird Pens Every Year Without Fail. Here’s My Collection After About 10 Years. I’m A 26-Year-Old Male By The Way

My Collection Of More Than 200 Four Leaf Clovers

I’m A Hardcore Collector Of 70s Space Age Mod, And Pick Up Every Single Piece I Find Thrifting. Here Is My Upstairs Living Room With Some Of My Finds Over The Years

I Recently Helped My Father-In-Law Pick Out A New Telescope. Today, He Said Thanks By Gifting Me His Collection Of NASA Mission Patches He’s Been Collecting For Over 40 Years

This Book Collection Sorted By Color