40 Times Individuals Ordered Something On the Web Yet It Wasn’t What They Got

Table of Contents

Bought Some Toilet Paper On eBay Didn’t Notice The Size

The Mask I Ordered (Left) vs. The Mask I Got (Right)

My Mom Thought She’d Ordered A Carton Of Cigarettes Online

What I Bought vs. What I Got. Yeah, These Are Not The Same

Ordered A Box Of Baby Wipes And Got 14 Cartons Of Cigs As Packing Material

I Ordered A Box Of Tampons From CVS And They Sent Me These

Mum Got Duped Online Shopping And Bought This Tiny Chair. Guess It’s Mine Now

 Brand New TV From Amazon Delivered By FedEx. The FedEx Driver Came Twice And Rang The Doorbell And Basically Ran To His Truck And Left

$49 Electronics Mystery Box

 I Am Not Groot

How My New Computer Just Got Delivered

The Pizza Shop Promised Light And Airy Crust. It Was So Light And Airy That It Was Invisible

Ordered (Boneless) Wings For The Big Game. Only Three Were Not Completely Raw. It Was $76 And DoorDash Refuses To Give Us A Refund

Ordered Alexander McQueen Shoes, Got Already MoQdshn Shoes

Neighbor Got A New Candle

 Ordered Myself Some New Boots, Size 4 And These Came

Ordered A New VR Headset From Amazon And Instead Got £5 Of Office Supplies

My Sister Ordered And Requested A Mirror With A Custom Name On It And Requested That The Name On The Bag Would Be “Same Like On The Mirror”

Received These Size 12 Badminton Shoes From Amazon. They Look Like A 7 And Fit In My Palm

I Ordered The Wind Waker On eBay And The Description Said It Was Missing The Original Case. This Is What Arrived In The Mail

We Ordered A Grill. Got 300 iPads

Garfield Without Lasagna

Waited A Month For This. Doggo Was Not Impressed

I Ordered Shoes To Wear At My Wedding Next Month And Was So Excited To Try Them On. Until I Opened The Box

I Bought A PS2 On eBay. Something Seems A Little Off

I’m Highly Disappointed With The Cake I Got. It Was Supposed To Be This And This Is What We Got

The Shirt I Ordered vs. The Shirt I Received

Man Wanted To Know If Cake “Contains Eggs”

Wife Ordered A Fake Predator Lawn Deterrent For Our Geese Problem Without Checking The Dimensions

Ordered Eight Extra Large Shirts. Received Eight 8XL Shirts

Ordered A New Chlorinator For The Pool, The Instructions Came On VHS

I Still Got Compliments On It Tho But Mostly Gave People The Creeps

A Hat Would Have Pulled It All Together

I Ordered A Ben 10 Action Figure And I Got A Used Baby Sock Instead

My 1200 Page Loose-Leaf Book Arrived A Little More Loose Than I Was Expecting

 Ordered One Brussel Sprout Instead Of 1 Kg. Need To Cut It Into Four To Go Round

Friend Of Mine Ordered A Bamboo Online, Today It Arrived In All Its Glory