50 Abnormal Russian Wedding Photographs That Are So Terrible & Great

I believe any reasonable person would agree that they do the customary wedding photographs fairly distinctively in Russia. While everything unquestionably revolves around sentiment, excellence, and looking longingly into one another’s eyes in the Western world, Russian couples decide to let their humor and characters radiate through. What’s more, as you will see, they here and there concoct peculiarly inventive and funny models that won’t ever be neglected!

The Russian wedding customs could prompt the result of these divertingly interesting pictures, as the festival includes foul measures of Vodka, food varieties, and moving that could endure up until seven days. Most likely, subsequent to celebrating for seven days, a few peculiar thoughts will undoubtedly jump into your head.

From tentatively cheap endeavors and the notorious slav squat in each second picture to some that are clearly making fun of themselves, these folks plainly love utilizing awful photoshop nearly however much they love one another. To commend this, we have gathered a rundown of our top choices for you to appreciate and take motivation from assuming you need your wedding pictures to be somewhat not the same as the exhausting standard equation that we will generally adhere to.

Family Portrait

She Found Love At The Bottom Of A Bottle

Now That’s A Dream Wedding

Have To Keep The Traditions Going

You Stay Right There Woman

Just Unexplainable

Is This Some Kind Of Russian Version Of Rapunzel


Trying To Reproduce The Painting

Now I Just Have To Find A Shovel

Mortal Kombat

Shower Her With Love

The Ariel Of Russia

Take Us To The “Happily Ever After” Dream Bird

Everyone Needs To Know

Now That’s A Man

What Is Even Happening Here

The Boy From The Dreamworks Intro Got Married

When You Have A Tiny Dad

Get On The Train Of Fun. Also, Is The Bride A Centaur

The Witness Of True Love

Cannonball Of Love

He Was Really Hoping That’s Not Where Babies Actually Come From

I Can Show You The World

She’s Got The Look And She’s Got The Food

When You Need To Make Your Wedding More Interesting

Toast To A Perfect Marriage

Jumping Over Obstacles In Life

There, Perfect! Now Raise Your Glasses

When You Want To Have Him With You At All Times

Checking Him Out

Just Blur Out The Husband, It’s All About Me!

I Hope Their Love Is Just As Strong

What Is Going On In There

Definitely The Best Take Of This Picture

Getting Down To Business Right Away

Looks So Real


I Think We Found Thumbellina

She’s His Angel And He Knows It

When You Want It To Look Like All Of Your Dreams Came True



When You Want Those Snapchat Filters In Real Life