My Best Skincare Routine: The Products I Use To Get Rid Of Acne, Dark Spots, And Sun Damage In 3 Months

Skincare Routine : I tend to have an oily complexion, prone to breakouts. Additionally, due to spending most of my life outdoors and tanning myself extensively (I now have noticeable sun damage from tanning) my skin is currently not at its best – however this does not get in my way as much! However, these issues don’t stop me from living an enjoyable life!

Skincare Routine
Skincare Routine

Learning to manage my acne and other skin concerns has taught me much about skincare, how we can care for our skin effectively, and the success of my regiment if you struggle with oily skin, dark spots or sun damage. Let’s dive in so you can see if my routine could work for you too.

As much as we may wish we had the power to, we cannot control when or under what conditions our skin will be exposed to UV rays; however, there are ways in which we can still protect it. Sun damage has numerous adverse side effects that need to be dealt with immediately – which is where using anti-ageing skincare products comes in handy.

If you are struggling with oily or combination skin, dark spots, wrinkles or sun damage, investing in an anti-ageing skincare routine could be just what’s needed to maintain youthful looking skin while fighting signs of aging. Furthermore, make sure that the right products are being used based on your individual skin type – for instance see below for acne-prone, sensitive and other concerns specific skincare needs.

1) Morning Skincare Routine

Initially, an unparalleled purging of my visage commences at dawn with a lathering emulsion, akin to Elemis’ Foaming Cleanse or Burt’s Bees Anterior Detergent, effectually eliminating surplus lipids whilst preserving inherent humidities.

Perusing through an assortment of skincare products, a particular toner has caught my fancy. Mario Badescu’s elixir infused with citrus juices of the white grapefruit appeals to my senses. After cleansing and toning my visage, a featherweight emollient enriched with sun protection factor shields my dermis, such as Cetaphil’s pore minimizing formulation or Elizabeth Arden’s restorative unguent for daily use; a duo which satisfies my skincare necessities.

2) Evening Skincare Routine

Once I have cleansed my face at the end of each day, my evening skincare routine begins by exfoliating using either chemical or physical exfoliants (I prefer chemical such as Elemis’ Exfoliating Cleanser). Exfoliation helps slough away dead skin cells to make pores appear smaller while also decreasing sun damage and dark spots.

Next, I use a toner (the same White Grapefruit Toner from my morning routine). Next, I provide my skin with extra hydration by applying an Elemis Pearl Protein Infusion Mask Hydrating Mask before moisturizing with lightweight moisturizer that contains SPF (see my recommendations above).

3) Weekly Routine

My Clarifying Mud Mask is perfect for oily skin! – Retinol Age-Delay Weekly Treatment from Elemis provides great anti-ageing results while Clarifying Mud Mask by Elemis is great at improving elasticity while Elemis Retinol Age-Delay Weekly Treatment is designed specifically to target ageing causes by Elemis products! – Clarifying Mud Mask provides deep cleaning while oily skin conditions like Elemis has many wonderful products which help manage and control oily complexions.

My weekly facial includes using my Vitamin C Brightening Peel for 5-10 minutes once every week before washing it off to leave my skin feeling completely clean and refreshed. In addition, once a week I use my Retinol Age-Delay Weekly Treatment to reduce dark spots, acne scarring, sun damage and improve texture/clarity of skin texture/clarity.

4) Tools And Tips

Exfoliate regularly with both mechanical and chemical exfoliants to remove dead skin cells that block pores, helping shrink them while diminishing sun damage and dark spots. It’s an excellent way to start an anti-age skincare regime! – Additionally, use hydrating masks at least once weekly as part of an anti-age skincare regime.

Hydrating your skin is one of the best ways to improve its look and feel as well as reduce fine lines and wrinkles, especially as you age; our skin produces less hyaluronic acid (the substance responsible for keeping our skin hydrated), so using a hydrating mask once every week may help compensate. Furthermore, sunscreen protection will prevent sun damage as well as future dark spots from developing on its own.

Make sure that your sunscreen contains moisturizing agents to avoid leaving your skin parched and looking aged. Exfoliate once every week to help rid of dead skin cells; this will allow moisturizers to work more effectively and make you appear younger. Apply retinol treatments every few weeks for effective wrinkle reduction as well as improving texture and clarity of the skin.

5) Weekly Step-By-Step Routine: Sunday Morning

Let’s discuss my Sunday morning skincare routine. My week usually starts off with a long bath to relax and de-stress, so my skincare regimen takes place post-bath. – To kick start my day right I use Elemis Cleansing Foam which leaves my face feeling cleansed before using Elemis Clarifying Mud Mask deep cleansing deep my pores for ultimate cleanliness before following up with Elemis Vitamin C Brightening Peel which fades dark spots, prevents further ones from forming, sloughs away dead cells to complete my Sunday morning skincare ritual!

6) Weekly Step-By-Step Routine: Monday Morning

My Monday morning skincare routine is fairly similar to my Sunday morning one, although there are some minor adjustments made here and there. First up is using Elemis White Grapefruit Toner before continuing my skincare regimen.

Next, I use Elemis Retinol Age-Delay Weekly Treatment. Following that, I use Elemis Pearl Protein Infusion Mask to increase hydration in my skin and prepare it for moisturizing products. Finally, Elemis Pores No More Anti-Aging Moisturizer completes my skincare regimen.

7) Weekly Step-By-Step Routine: Tuesday Morning

My Tuesday morning skincare routine is similar to my Monday morning one, with just a few changes: I begin by using Elemis White Grapefruit Toner before applying Elemis Retinol Age-Delay Weekly Treatment and Vitamin C Brightening Peel, both designed to fade dark spots and prevent new ones from forming, as well as remove dead skin cells. After that I finish off with Elemis Pores No More Anti-Aging Moisturizer which boosts hydration in my skin while providing environmental damage protection; finally I use Elemis Clarifying Mud Mask which deep cleans it and prepares it for moisturization!

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8) Weekly Step-By-Step Routine: Wednesday Morning

My Wednesday morning skincare routine is usually much less intensive than my other regimens; this serves as a nice “reset” after more strenuous procedures on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. – To begin my Wednesday routine I use Elemis White Grapefruit Toner before proceeding to Retinol Age-Delay Weekly Treatment followed by Vitamin C Brightening Peel followed by Elemis Pores No More Anti-Aging Moisturizer before ending it off with Elemis Clarifying Mud Mask so as to relax and reset for the coming week ahead.

9) Weekly Step-By-Step Routine: Thursday Morning

My Thursday morning skincare routine is similar to Wednesday. – I begin with Elemis White Grapefruit Toner before applying Retinol Age-Delay Weekly Treatment and Vitamin C Brightening Peel by Elemis, then Pores No More Anti-Aging Moisturizer from Elemis Pores No More Anti-Aging Moisturizer from Elemis Pores No More and finally closing off with Elemis Clarifying Mud Mask as a treat and reset before starting again the new week!

Photo by Sarah Chai