The 5 Best Skin Care Tips To Keep Your Skin Smiling!

What Now If You Have Good Skin? Maintaining good skin isn’t easy – keeping your complexion in good shape takes work and dedication, yet maintaining great complexion shouldn’t cost an arm and leg either. Here are a few simple strategies for maintaining your complexion that won’t break the bank or require you to spend hours every day on its upkeep!

1) Don’t Forget To Protect

What you might not realize, though, is how sunscreen daily can actually help slow the signs of aging – something young people may dismiss but 10 years down the line they will thank me for. Use high SPF sunblock and moisturizer with SPF protection; doing this will keep your skin looking younger for much longer than it would without protection. The sun’s harmful rays affect all ages regardless of skin type or age – making sunscreen an absolute necessity on cloudy days too.

2) Shower Daily

According to skin care professionals, washing with mild cleanser and water every day should keep it looking clean and fresh. When you don’t shower often enough, bacteria can build up and lead to breakouts. By showering, however, exfoliation of your skin becomes an integral part of keeping it healthy; while water helps wash away dead cells in your shower as well as potentially drying it out too much. To combat this, utilize a moisturizing body wash. While daily cleansing of all parts of your body may seem necessary for hygiene reasons, doing so runs the risk of overdrying it if done too frequently; you can maintain healthy and moisturized skin by limiting how often each part is washed.

3) Eat Your Greens

Vegetables contain vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients that keep skin healthy, including prevention against wrinkles, fine lines and dry skin. So next time you make a salad add broccoli! As for which other vegetables might benefit your skin most? That depends on your skin type and goal for treating it; carrots to tomatoes could all work wonders! To find which ones would be most suitable to your situation: for oily skin try opting for carrots sweet potatoes and broccoli while those with dry skin might benefit more from eating watery ones like tomatoes cucumbers or watermelons.

4) Stay Out Of The Sun

Sun protection shouldn’t only mean wearing SPF on your face. Even though you may think you’re only burning off some freckles, over time the sun will damage all areas of exposed skin including scars. When outdoors for extended periods of time in direct sunlight it can still damage it enough to cause wrinkles and dark spots, so wear an SPF-coated shirt or wear a hat to protect yourself – for fair-skinned people 15 minutes should be sufficient; those with darker complexions could even stay outdoors up to an hour at a time without risking further damaging effects from sun damage.

5) A Little Goes A Long Way

Not all skincare products can damage your skin when used too often. Be wary when washing your face; overscrubbing or overwashing could lead to redness and irritation. Makeup remover should only be used as needed – not daily; giving your face time to breathe can only benefit.


Skincare goes far beyond washing your face and applying moisturizer. It requires dedication and a daily practice in order to achieve healthy, radiant skin. Protect it from UV rays by eating well-rounded meals and showering regularly – these five tips can make sure that your complexion shines with beauty!