The Best Universities For Business Administration Studies In The United States

Business administration serves as the cornerstone of modern corporate management. A degree in this discipline can lay the groundwork for managing companies, businesses and organizations – whether as an accountant, human resources manager, financial analyst, marketing specialist or operations manager.

How can you choose the right school to study business administration and related fields? In this article, we investigate some of the top universities for Business Administration degrees in the US. When making this important decision, factors to keep in mind when making your selection include cost, location, faculty reputation and job prospects after graduation as well as class size and student services offered.

First and foremost, when searching for Business Administration programs, look for institutions offering general programs. Once you find such institutions, the next step should be identifying programs specific enough for what you hope to accomplish after graduation – some universities offer more majors than others or require certain prerequisites before admitting students into their programs.

1) Best Business Administration Programs

As part of your research into business administration programs, it’s essential that you understand the different degrees and course requirements available. Many majors offer Bachelor of Science (BS) programs while others may provide Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degrees – some programs even combine the two!

The main distinction between BBA and BA degrees lies in their respective coursework requirements. BBA programs tend to target those aspiring towards management positions in business environments and often necessitate taking more quantitative or statistical courses; on the other hand, BA programs focus more on humanities-based coursework for entry-level entrepreneurs or marketing careers.

2) The Best Value Schools For Your Money

As you research business administration programs, the cost of attendance at various universities should also be taken into consideration. While there are numerous schools with excellent Business Administration programs that may also offer affordable tuition costs; to help find you the most cost-effective schools we compared tuition cost against quality of programs offered to find schools offering quality Business Administration at a reasonable price point. We made this comparison between cost of tuition compared with quality offered allowing you to find an exceptional program at a great value school.

3) U.S. Colleges And Universities With The Best Business Administration Programs

The following universities boast some of the finest business administration programs in the US. Harvard, Stanford, and Northwestern all rank among the top ten schools for business administration – see the complete list. Yale, Columbia Wharton Cornell are all also highly-respected schools when it comes to offering quality programs in business administration – see here for full list.

UC Berkeley, UCLA and Michigan rank among the best public universities for business administration – view the list for more. – Harvard, MIT and Stanford all offer online programs for business administration; see here to view full list

4) The 20 Best Schools For B-school

Though all universities listed here provide excellent Business Administration degrees, here are the 20 top choices for those aiming for lucrative career prospects upon graduation. Harvard, Stanford, MIT and Columbia top this list – see also full list – while public universities such as UC Berkeley, UCLA and Virginia rank highly when it comes to Business Administration studies.

See the complete list for details – The best value schools for business administration: These include University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Yale and Michigan as the top value options; Yale is another good value option as is Michigan; for online business schools see Harvard MIT Notre Dame Indiana

5) Other Top Schools For Business Administration Studies

These institutions may not offer business administration degrees of equal quality to those found at top universities; however, their programs still stand out due to being high-quality and competitive enrollment practices. Students considering studying business administration at these schools should come prepared to excel due to tight enrollment competition.

Universities for Business Administration Studies
Universities for Business Administration Studies


Conclusion Business administration degrees can be found at numerous universities throughout the US. From undergraduate to postgraduate options, you are sure to find something suitable near you. When selecting a school, it’s essential to consider its location, cost and degree offerings before making a final choice. Furthermore, knowing which universities specialize in business administration studies will also prove valuable. When selecting the top universities for business administration, there are various options to consider. From BBA degrees to BS programs, business administration degrees prepare you for a wide array of careers – so with such diverse options available to you it should be easy to locate one that’s just right.