Top 10 Most Affordable Universities In The World

Universities are notoriously costly institutions, making it hard for those aspiring to study at college to afford it. Luckily, there are affordable universities around the world where you can receive top-quality education without going broke. From international students to local learners alike there are options that won’t drain their savings accounts – check out this article and discover more of the top 10 most cost-effective universities today!

How To Find The Most Affordable Universities In The World?

Finding an affordable university requires taking into account not just tuition fee costs but also living costs and quality of life in its environment. One way of finding these institutions is visiting their websites directly.

Here, you will find everything you need to know about the costs associated with living and studying in any institution. Alternatively, contact the admissions department of your preferred university and inquire about cost of living there; alternatively, speak with friends who have studied there regarding cost.

Top 10 Most Affordable Universities In The World

Mexico: University of the Americas-Puebla (UDAP) The University of the Americas-Puebla (UDAP), located in Puebla, Mexico and affiliated with Reduce (The Network of Universities of Latin America and Caribbean), boasts over 300 international partnerships across 300 institutions. Furthermore, tuition fee for an undergraduate program starts from $1200 only!

Shandong University and Beijing University of Technology in China are two more of these highly affordable public institutions with similar offerings; each provides a wide variety of undergraduate and postgraduate programs at $100 tuition fees respectively.

Undergraduate tuition fee at these Chinese universities is just $550 a year! Both have earned spots on many lists of “Best Universities in China,” boasting alumni that have gone on to great things in various fields. Philippines: University of the Philippines-Diliman and Philippine Normal UniversityThese two public universities can be found in Manila and Quezon City respectively and boast among the lowest tuition fees worldwide; together offering undergraduate programs as well as various postgraduate offerings at Diliman.

Philippine Normal University offers an undergraduate program with tuition costs at just $100 only; this University is known for producing many excellent teachers. Indonesia: Universitas Negeri Jakarta and Padjadjaran University These two public universities located in Jakarta and Bandung respectively offer some of the most cost-effective undergraduate tuition in the world, at $500 only per undergraduate program tuition fee for an undergraduate program; furthermore they both offer wide ranges of undergraduate and postgraduate programs for both programs. Ghana: University of Ghana The University of Ghana is a public institution located in Legon Ghana which has tuition costs starting from $100 only! Ghana: University of Ghana This public institution located within Legon itself is another of Indonesia’s highly esteemed public institutions which has produced many excellent teachers. Ghana: University of Ghana Established as public institution within Ghana’s city of Legon is known for producing many excellent teachers.

University of Pretoria stands out as an easily affordable university option in Africa with undergraduate tuition fee at only $100 only and boasting one of the top 10 universities there.


When looking for the most cost-effective universities around, consider not only tuition fee but also total cost of studying there and quality of life factors in their city. A great way to find affordable universities around is visiting different institutions’ websites and researching each option available to you.

Here, you can get all of the information about living and studying costs in any institution of your choosing. Reach out to the admissions department of the institution of interest to ask about its living costs; otherwise, inquire with friends who have studied there about it as well. And once you find an affordable university to pursue your studies at, then your future looks bright!