7 Unique Insurance Policies You Should Know About

There are various unique insurance policies you should be familiar with. Do you possess adequate protection to meet your needs? Most of us are familiar with traditional policies such as health, life and car coverage – yet there are other policies out there worth knowing about as well.

These policies are both unique and comprehensive, providing additional protection for you and your belongings. From pet insurance to wedding coverage, these plans provide protection for situations you might never have considered before – read on to discover how these insurance plans could help!

Unique Insurance Policies

1. Pet Insurance

 Pet Insurance
Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance Owning pets can be costly. Pet health insurance provides coverage for veterinary bills; pet insurance plans offer extensive protection to prevent you from spending thousands of dollars in vet bills without this form of coverage. Some plans cover up to 80% while others only 50%, with wellness coverage that could save money when getting vaccinations or preventive health checks done for preventative purposes such as annual checkups.

2. Wedding Insurance

Wedding Insurance
Wedding Insurance

Wedding insurance provides additional protection for wedding-related items like the venue, photographer, caterer, gifts, decorations and more. This type of policy protects everything from venue rental costs to catering fees and more.

Wedding insurance usually provides coverage against acts of nature, equipment failure and theft. Depending on the coverage needed, costs for this insurance policy can range anywhere between $200 to over $1,000; basic policies usually offer adequate coverage that would help cover costs associated with changing dates due to hurricanes or similar natural events.

3. Identity Theft Insurance

 Identity Theft Insurance
Identity Theft Insurance

Identity theft insurance provides protection against the financial damage associated with identity theft. When someone steals your identity, they may open accounts in your name without your knowledge; this process is known as “new account fraud.” Recovering from identity theft may take months or years of work and be very frustrating.

Identity theft insurance can help mitigate the financial and emotional effects of identity theft and make recovering it simpler. Furthermore, this coverage also covers any legal fees associated with clearing your name. While many standard policies don’t include identity theft protection as standard coverage doesn’t cover identity theft alone – you can purchase an individual policy as extra protection against potential financial impact of identity theft.

4. Identity Fraud Insurance

Identity Fraud Insurance
Identity Fraud Insurance

Identity fraud insurance provides protection from false identity claims. Similar to identity theft coverage, but tailored specifically for false claims against your identity. Should anyone accuse or wrongfully link you with someone else’s actions without your knowledge or consent, identity fraud coverage may help cover attorney fees, lost wages and cleanup costs associated with false accusations of false idenity claims against you.

Identity fraud policies vary significantly. Make sure you read your policy thoroughly to fully comprehend what is and isn’t covered, and whether a standalone policy or add-on policy best meets your needs.

5. Cyber Security Insurance

 Cyber Security Insurance
Cyber Security Insurance

Cyber security insurance provides protection from data breaches and cyber attacks. A data breach occurs when hackers gain illegal access and gain information from your computer system without authorization; cyber security insurance helps pay for expenses associated with data breach incidents such as forensics costs, public relations services and reputational harm caused by such events.

Cyber security insurance can be purchased as either an add-on to an existing policy, or purchased standalone to safeguard against cyber attacks and protect your business against data breach. Policies vary considerably so be sure to read over them thoroughly to understand exactly what coverage exists and where gaps may lie.

6. Drone Insurance

Drone Insurance
Drone Insurance

Drone insurance works similarly to traditional car policies by covering property damage and bodily injuries caused by drone use for work or pleasure, just in case carelessness results in property damage to either yourself or another. Covering property damages as well as possible injuries is always wise if using drones regularly in work or personal settings – carelessness could easily cause property damage by wayward drone operators, in addition to potentially injuring someone accidentally through its misuse.

Drone insurance can cover costs related to issues surrounding drone use. As drones are still relatively new technology and subject to stringent government regulations, if you get into trouble with the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) you could incur fines that exceed its value by thousands of dollars – potentially exceeding even that of your drone itself!

7. Flood Insurance

Flood Insurance
Flood Insurance : Image Credit

Flood insurance policies are similar to standard homeowners policies but tailored specifically for flooding-prone areas. Flood coverage helps cover damages from overland floods – defined as any time water from rivers or streams seeps through to your home via sidewalks, floorboards or the ground – in this instance through sidewalks or floorboards and forms pools of standing water in your basement or crawlspace. Flood coverage is especially essential in flood-prone regions designated as “special flood hazard areas” by the National Flood Insurance Program.

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Insurance policies exist to help safeguard you against unexpected events and circumstances that arise unexpectedly. While some policies offer similar coverage, every policy offers something unique. Therefore, it is essential that you carefully study each one to understand its coverage before considering different policies that may provide added protection for you, your family or belongings.