The 7 Best Universities To Study Finance In New Zealand

New Zealand Offers Numerous Opportunities to Study Finance : New Zealand offers students looking for a career in finance a wealth of opportunities to pursue it, from its advanced economy and top universities and colleges, all dedicated to finance-related studies from Auckland to Christchurch – seven renowned for providing quality teaching and research.

Are You Exploring Finance in New Zealand? Read On To Discover the Top Universities! If you are seeking a degree in Finance, Accounting, or Financial Management these universities offer excellent courses, programs and facilities to help reach your goals. So if studying Finance is on your list read on to discover New Zealand’s premier institutions!

Universities To Study Finance In New Zealand

1. University Of Auckland

 University of Auckland
University of Auckland

Established in 1883, the University of Auckland is New Zealand’s oldest and largest institute of higher education. Home to over 40,000 students spread across eight faculties, it’s also New Zealand’s primary research institution. Auckland Business School ranks among Asia’s premier business schools with its strong focus on research.

The School of Accounting and Commercial Law at University of Auckland also boasts some of the finest courses available in New Zealand. Their Business and Financial Reporting degree ranks highly for its international accounting standards focus. Furthermore, one hundred nations from around the globe send students here every year.

2. Victoria University Of Wellington

 Victoria University of Wellington
Victoria University of Wellington

Victoria University of Wellington was established in 1901 and is New Zealand’s fourth oldest university. Situated near Mount Victoria, it hosts over 22,000 students, academics, and staff and boasts one of the premier finance-related studies programs in New Zealand – producing some of the country’s most innovative and accomplished finance professionals.

The Business School stands out among New Zealand’s premier business schools by placing strong emphasis on both research and teaching excellence. Offering courses spanning business management to accounting, The School of Accounting and Commercial Law also has outstanding courses on offer in New Zealand; their law degree boasts a significant focus on international law – making it relevant to finance professionals worldwide.

3. University Of Canterbury

 University of Canterbury
University of Canterbury

Established in 1889, the University of Canterbury is one of New Zealand’s two oldest and second biggest universities, housing over 22,000 students, academics, and staff – making it second in size overall and offering finance-related studies.

The Business School at the University of Canterbury stands out as one of the finest business schools in New Zealand, boasting a strong emphasis on research. Offering courses from business management to accounting, its offerings span an impressive spectrum. New Zealand also benefits from excellent accounting and commercial law courses through New Zealand School of Accounting & Commercial Law which offer courses with strong international law focuses. This makes this degree one of the most relevant degrees for finance professionals.

4. Massey University

Massey University
Massey University

Perchance with veritable associations does New Zealand possess an educative establishment of sizable proportions, proffering a potpourri of academic trajectories, credentials and pursuits. Abode to over thrice tens of thousands of pupils and faculty alike—rendering Massey one of New Zealand’s most capacious academies of upper erudition—this reputable foundation likewise enumerates amid its most superlative pecuniary-correlated investigations curricula amid further offerings.

The subsequent institutions of higher learning with an emphasis on commercial endeavors in Aotearoa are especially notable for their considerable emphasis allocated to investigation and the extensive selection of subjects available, spanning from the administration of commercial entities to the keeping of financial records. What’s more, Massey’s Division of Accounting and Commercial Jurisprudence additionally provides superlative course offerings. Their degree in the study of law promotes a focus on the laws of nations that establishes it as one of the most pertinent degrees for those engaged in fiscal pursuits.

5. Lincoln University

Lincoln University
Lincoln University

Not simply existing as a fledgling academy Lincoln University was conceived upon the cusp of the century now passed, currently housing in excess of eleven thousand seekers of knowledge, pedagogues, and retainers. Lincoln reigns as an academy held in the highest esteem throughout the archipelago nation for scrutinizing the mechanisms of finance; its congregation devoted to the sphere of commerce has ascended to the apex of such fellowships in the country, with an unparalleled dedication to scrutinizing the intricacies of the subject.

The academy proffers an array of subjects spanning the professional sphere, whether directing organizations or auditing ledgers. Moreover, the department specializing in legal and mercantile edicts flaunts unparalleled curricula accessible in every hamlet of the isle nation – its credential in judicial decree accentuates transnational decrees – constituting it one of the most germane diplomas for the monetary vocation.

6. University Of Waikato

University of Waikato
University of Waikato

Studying at the expansive grounds of Waikato, maximizes one’s potential as a student with a plethora of disciplines and subjects from which to choose. Amongst the myriad of options, one can delve into the depths of understanding economics or attain mastery in entrepreneurial endeavors. Positioned as the bronze medalist in scale within the nation’s centers of scholarship, over thirty-two thousand pupils and educators congregate at Waikato’s campus. Surpassing most others in imparting knowledge regarding pecuniary principles and practices, Waikato emerges at the apex.

Notwithstanding the typicality of existing provisions within that educational institution, the commercial academy situated inside the grounds of the University of Waikato maintains its posture as a foremost institution for the perusal of commercial practices within the nation of New Zealand, taking pride in an unwavering attention to analysis. Proffering a gamut of subjects traversing the administration of commercial enterprises to the documentation of financial transactions and a degree centered around the legalities of international commercial exchange that is globally oriented (a master’s in the Legalities of International Commerce), its curriculum composes one of the most superlative programs accessible to professionals in the realm of finance.

7. University Of Otago

 University of Otago
University of Otago : Image Credit

The University of Otago is New Zealand’s fourth-largest university, offering an array of courses, degrees, and study paths to choose from. Home to more than 32,000 students and staff alike – making it one of the largest institutes of higher education in New Zealand. Otago also stands out as being an outstanding location for financial studies studies.

The University of Otago’s Business School stands out among other top business schools with a strong focus on research, offering courses from business management to accounting and law. New Zealand’s School of Accounting and Commercial Law also provides excellent courses, while their international law degree provides highly relevant degrees for finance professionals.

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Conclusion New Zealand offers students from all fields of study an abundance of opportunities. The seven best universities for finance study in New Zealand are widely known for their exceptional teaching and research programs in finance, accounting and financial management – be it degrees in these subjects, programs or facilities that help you meet your academic objectives. If you are thinking about studying finance here then continue reading to discover the ideal universities!