Wonderful Instances Of Splendid Infrastructure That Show Why Engineers Who Break new ground Should Be Observed

Human instinct not to see things sit right behind our noses. From little subtleties to the intricate designs we’re encircled by each and every day.

One such model is the city infrastructure you live in. Our current circumstance is comprised of the apparently endless and complex net of physical and authoritative designs and offices, from structures and streets to drive supplies and waste administration that make our lives simpler, better, and more productive.

Curved Pedestrian Bridge Links Two Riverfront Parks In Providence, Rhode Island

The Escalators At The Wheaton Metro Station In Maryland Are The Longest Single Span Escalators In The Western Hemisphere At 230 Feet. I’m Surprised No Action Movie Fight Scenes Have Been Filmed Here

Mountain And Sea Trail In Xiamen, China

 New Cycling Lane In Delhi, A Sign Of Things To Come For The Whole City

Forth Rail Bridge, Scotland

Fukashiro Dam, Yamanashi, Japan

Warsaw Subway. Because It’s Very Young System, New Stations Look Very Impressive. It’s Also One Of The Cleanest Subway Systems In Europe

Ashalim Solar Power Tower, Negev Desert, Israel

Somewhere In Hong Kong

Chicago’s Wells Street Bridge

Intersection In Zagreb, Croatia

Urban Ropeway, Kisha-Michi Bridge, Yokohama, Japan

Thyssenkrupp Elevators Test Tower In Guangzhou, China

Hotan-Ruoqiang Railway China

Underground Urban Highway In Tehran, Iran

India Has Constructed A 16 Km Long Elevated Highway As To Allow Wild Animals To Pass Underneath It

Netherlands Land Bridge

Crab Overpass On Christmas Island, Preventing Migrating Crabs From Getting Ran Over

Sart Canal Bridge – La Louvière, Belgium

Hands Bridge, Vietnam

Brusio Spiral Viaduct, Switzerland

A Curve At B31, 79874 Breitnau, Germany

Chengyang Yongji Bridge In Liuzhou City, China

Friedrich Bayer Bridge, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Floating Solar Power Plant In Ramagundam, India

Sea Cliff Bridge, New South Wales, Australia

The World’s Oldest Underground Station 157 Years Apart

 Dragon Bridge, Vietnam

A Rare Mid-Construction Shot Of The Golden Bridge Being Built In California, 1935

The Uninhabited Island Of Baljenac In The Adriatic Sea

High Speed Trains In Nanjing, China

Road Connecting Different Islands In Åland Islands

Panlong Road Aerial View

Arc De Triomphe, From Above