Have you ever wondered what the priciest structures in the world are? Answering the question is challenging. Depending on how you calculate costs, several structures could be the most costly.

In this post, we’ll examine some of the priciest structures ever built and decide which one comes out on top.

10. United States: One World Trade Center, costing $3.8 billion

One World Trade Center

The World Trade Center, also known as the Twin Towers, which were demolished in the 9/11 terrorist assault, stood on the Manhattan site of the Freedom Tower, as this New York skyscraper is also known.

The 1,776-foot height of the 94-story skyscraper makes it the highest structure in the country. One of the most costly buildings in the world, the construction of the edifice is reported to have cost $3.8 billion.

9. $4 billion Palace of the People in Bucharest, Romania

Palace of the People in Bucharest, Romania
Palace of the People in Bucharest, Romania

The most costly administrative building in the world is located in Bucharest and is also referred to as the Palace of the Parliament. Each year, the cost of electricity, heating, and lighting exceeds $6 million.

The People’s Palace was built on a project ordered by dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu of Romania and finished in 1997. It is 70% unoccupied and has a floor space of more than 3.9 million square feet.

8. $4.1 billion The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, United States

The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, United States
The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, United States

On the Las Vegas Strip, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas has three pools, a spa, a nightclub, a movie theater, and a casino. Over the course of two glass-tower buildings, it has 3,027 rooms.

7. Macau’s Wynn Palace cost $4.2 billion.

Macau's Wynn Palace
Macau’s Wynn Palace

In Cotai, Macau, this Wynn resort is situated on reclaimed ground. The Wynn Palace, which cost a stunning $4.2 billion to build, was finished in 2016.

One of Macau’s greatest art collections is housed in this opulent casino and resort, and flower sculptures can be seen all over the place. The Wynn Palace Esplanade shopping center, a spa, 1,706 opulent suites, and a Performance Lake with a cutting-edge sound and lighting system are all now there.

6. Singapore’s Resorts World Sentosa is worth $4.93 billion.

Singapore's Resorts World Sentosa
Singapore’s Resorts World Sentosa

This pricey location houses the amusement park Universal Studios Singapore, a marina, shops, a casino, and the S.E.A. Aquarium. The building cost $4.93 billion to construct, and it was finished in 2010.

5. United States: Apple Park, California, $5 billion

Apple Park, California
Apple Park, California

A large ring-shaped main structure, seven cafés, 9,000 trees, the 1,000-seat Steve Jobs Auditorium, and a 100,000 square foot fitness facility are all aspects of this building complex, which is located in Cupertino, California. More than 12,000 workers are housed at Apple Park, which is reported to have cost $5 billion to develop.

The circular main structure, created by famous architect Norman Foster, is constructed of glass and steel. There is a public tourist center available.

4. United States: SoFi Stadium, Inglewood, costing $5.5 billion

The Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Chargers are now playing in SoFi Stadium, a sports and entertainment venue.

The stadium, which is located Inglewood, California, has 70,000 seats. It has a sliding glass door and a retractable roof that make it possible to experience the outside. A 6,000-seat performing arts facility, which will be utilized for concerts and other events, is also located under the same roof canopy.

3. Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands is worth $5.7 billion.

Singapore's Marina Bay Sands
Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands

The Marina Bay Sands is an opulent resort complex with a hotel, casino, retail, conference center, theater, museum, and two floating pavilions that is situated in Singapore.

2. Saudi Arabia’s Abraj Al-Bait is worth $16 billion.

Saudi Arabia's Abraj Al-Bait
Saudi Arabia’s Abraj Al-Bait

Abraj Al-Bait Towers, a collection of seven hotels, are a few meters from the Great Mosque of Mecca.

The Clock Towers Shopping Center, housing complexes, business buildings, and a mosque are all located on the property. The Makkah Royal Clock Structure is the highest tower in the complex. The world’s biggest clock face is located there.

The Saudi Arabian government oversaw the building’s construction. It was designed to accommodate the many pilgrims that make the annual pilgrimage to Mecca for the Hajj.

1. Saudi Arabia’s Masjid Al-Haram is worth $100 billion.

The main focus of the Hajj is Masjid Al-Haram, which was constructed on the location of Islam’s holiest place. Every Muslim who is physically capable does this yearly pilgrimage once in their lifetime.

The ancient Great Mosque of Mecca was constructed in the seventh century. It has since undergone two extensions and is presently on its third phase of growth.

The Great Mosque of Mecca’s capacity will increase to almost 2.5 million worshipers thanks to the expansion project. A brand-new water reservoir is also almost finished.

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